A look at the company's scope of operations and competitive advantages today

Lincoln was founded in 1895 and today is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and
oxyfuel cutting equipment. Headquartered in Cleveland, the Company has manufacturing operations, joint ventures and alliances in 18 countries and a worldwide network of distributors and sales offices covering more than 160 countries. Lincoln employees global workforce totals approximately 7,000.

Recognized as the welding experts, the Company provides leading technology products andsolutions. From its early beginnings, Lincoln pioneered technological advancements and improvements in arc welding consumables and equipment. Lincoln sustains the industry's mostaggressive and comprehensive research and product development program.

This effort issupported by the David C. Lincoln Technology Center, the most advanced facility of its kind.

Arc welding is indispensable to many industries. For example, the metal working field involvesproduction arc welding in transportation, construction, fabrication, petrochemical and otherindustries. In the manufacture of metal products, arc welding applications range from producingconsumer appliances to fabricating heavy machinery and structural steel.

Arc welding is thedominant joining method for building and other industrial construction, including oil and gas
pipeline fabrication, and oil refinery construction.

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