The New HMD925 Power Feed


The HMD925 is our NEW Power Feed Drill. It weighs only 37 lbs, and is 16% lighter than competitive models. It has the capacity to drill holes to 1-1/4 diameter in power feed mode, up to 1-1/2 diameter in manual feed mode, and up to 2” deep using Rotabroach annular cutters.

Utilizing the latest developments in technology, the HMD925 incorporates a smart circuitry, designed to monitor and automatically adjust the feed motor control, maintaining optimum performance throughout the cut while extending cutting tool life. The HMD925 comes complete with a coolant bottle and standard Hougen safety features. It's priced less then popular competitive models and like all our magnetic drills is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

The HMD925 Power Feed Drill from Hougen. Performance Driven…for people who demand the best.

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